Partner Republic Data-Driven Customer Experience and Analytical Personalization

Logo Software collaborated with Partner Republic

Logo Software and Partner Republic have collaborated to bring the experience of Logo software customers to even higher levels. In the light of the statements made, Logo Software, which aims to expand its service-oriented software approach, aims to design end-to-end and comprehensive customer experiences with the Partner Republic team, which provides an expert perspective on customer experience and customer journey design with data analysis.

SAS, one of the world's leading companies in data science, has reached an agreement with Partner Republic, a company that creates projects on customer relationship management by using data science in a customer-oriented manner. According to the agreement, Partner Republic will accompany SAS, which offers analytical solutions, with consultancy on customer experience. This agreement aims to provide customers with a personalized customer experience.

Partner Republic CEO Demet Yarkın talked about the importance of personalized customer experience for new customer habits and expectations. Demet Yarkın emphasized that personalized communication will be beneficial in every communication with the customer and stated that personalized customer experience should be given the necessary attention.