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Customer Churn Prevention

Your customers may be leaving you because of you!

Many companies recognize the power of a customer-centric operational model. In good faith, they launch projects to mobilize data and improve the customer experience across multiple touchpoints.

However, siloed customer experience improvement initiatives rarely produce good results. While a specific department may meet all its key KPIs, overall metrics may show little sign of improvement. This is because customers view their interactions with businesses holistically. If your billing department is constantly making mistakes, it doesn't matter if your sales experience is perfect.
Trying to win customers back after they've abandoned you costs a lot more than the effort you put into retaining them. Every customer has different expectations, and it is critical to read what those expectations are with the clues you capture from the data and design an experience accordingly.

After doing all this, it is necessary to realize that customers are starting to move away before they leave and to plan AI-supported actions that will bring them back. These actions are effective practices that will differ from customer to customer; however, they are not enough alone. It is necessary to solve the root causes that cause this distancing in order to solve the problem fundamentally.

Accept First!

You are late to catch up with the changing behavior of the customer.

Do You Really Want to Reduce Customer Churn?

Anticipate in advance what the customer's next move will be.


-Process all your customer data (online and offline) on a single platform.

-When the data is ready, you can move to the estimation phase.

-Your forecasting models are easy to deploy, flexible and automatically updated, increasing your analytical success and reducing your operational burden.

What would you do if we told you which customers you will lose next month?

  • personalized discount campaigns
  • customer-specific experience design
  • offers by time series