Partner Republic Data-Driven Customer Experience and Analytical Personalization

Customer Retention

The One Who Understands Fast Wins

Today's customers are more demanding than ever. They want highly relevant, personalized and seamless experiences, no matter what channels or devices they choose to use. They want to be understood and remember their previous experiences!

The philosophy behind micro-moment marketing is that in the world today, consumers are bombarded by content, ads, offers, emails, texts, tweets, push notifications and everything else imaginable. The industry has reached a point of "content shock" where consumers cannot digest any more content.

  • Make it worth paying
  • Integrate the experience
  • Make personalized communication
  • Reward loyalty

How are you currently doing?

-Do you have data on human interactions (such as call centers)?

-Are there digital interactions (website, mobile apps)?

-Is there customer service (live chat, conversational AI)?

Are there on-site experiences (retail store, bank branch)?

Are there narrow two-way interactions (such as display advertising, interactive customer surveys)?

How are you currently doing?

-There is so much to know about each customer; create a comprehensive insight both accurately and quickly.

-Understand and proactively engage your customers with advanced analytics and AI techniques, combining online and offline data for real-time marketing in a way that allows you to get the most out of it.

-Understand and optimize marketing performance, including details such as channel attribution.

How Can You Do It?

-Every marketing analytics problem requires three key considerations:

-Data - What information can we use?

-Discovery - Which algorithm can help us make better decisions?

-Distribution - How do we take action?


It is a fact that customers choose businesses that provide more intensive opportunities in all services offered, and do not prefer companies that provide the same or worse services than their competitors. From this point of view, the size of consumer demands for businesses, the rate at which these demands are met, and all multi-faceted efforts to increase the level of meeting these demands are very important.