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New Customer Acquisition

"Opportunities are in the midst of difficulties." Albert Einstein

To maintain market share and grow wallet share, it is necessary to find new ways to monitor and analyze customers' needs and then act quickly.

It is critical to know our existing customers while aiming to acquire new ones. Strategies for which existing segments will be expanded and which new target audiences will be focused on should be determined at the very beginning. When expanding existing segments, we should take past successes as an example and learn from past mistakes. When creating new segments, a continuous learning cycle should be established by conducting proactive tests.

  • Experience design to increase the authorized customer base
  • Collect data to know the customer,
  • Make a personalized recommendation

If Your Goals Are

-Create channel-based customer acquisition plans and start collecting user data online at all touchpoints and analyzing it with artificial intelligence.

-To be able to perform A/B testing quickly among countless content alternatives and to obtain recommendations where the returns are evaluated and optimized with artificial intelligence.

-Identifying and developing new customer segments based on customer behavior according to test results.

-Editing personalized content and strategy according to segments.

-To ensure value maximization by following the customer lifecycle from acquisition throughout the customer's life.

What Should You Do?

-Gather all the data, draw insights and do segmentation.

-Create scenarios and develop models by segments by matching all data.

Identify online traffic sources and non-digital touchpoints, integrate non-digital channel data, correlate all sources and extract insights.

-With new insights from the data, reorganize your communication process to be used in your existing marketing process.


You can contact us to do personalized marketing in real-time, store data in a hybrid cloud format, embed best-in-class marketing resource management into your marketing processes, or guide customers through a marketing journey with guided AI and analytics.

New Customer Acquisition
Conversion Rate to Sales
Customer Retention Rate
Retention rate is the percentage of customers that a business retains over a given period of time. Businesses have many business parameters that depend on the retention rate. This is one of the most important metrics. A high retention rate logically indicates that a business has a low churn rate.