Partner Republic Data-Driven Customer Experience and Analytical Personalization

Brandweek - Reset with Hopi

Thank you very much for your participation in our "BrandWeek: Reset with Hopi" event focusing on the future of digital transformation.

As part of the hyper personalization and productization journey, we are aware that the accelerating digital transformation will take marketing strategies and customer experience much further. As Partner Republic, with the hyper-personalization project that we will go live with Hopi and SAS in 2023, we will create special profiles for the personal preferences and purchases of all customers shopping on Hopi and offer the right offers to the right customers at the right time.

Who are we?

With the projects we carry out with industry leaders in Turkey and abroad, we ensure that our business partners adapt to the changing world and get to know their customers better by using artificial intelligence and communication technologies with full efficiency.

In our "Data-driven Customer Experience" design, we continue to integrate and develop the products of leading companies in their fields with the existing structures of our business partners by increasing our sector expertise day by day thanks to our partnerships with SAS and Microsoft, Salesforce, QuestionPro in Global and Linktera, Sade Software in Turkey. 

We would love to meet with you about our channel optimization, real-time decision making, personalized marketing, common customer platform and 360-degree customer behavior analysis consultancy services that companies need the most in today's digital transformation process.

Thank you,


    Photos from the event